Top 3 robotics innovations we discovered in the last decade

Robotics is a fascinating field of science. Technology has come a long way and has helped this sector to grow. This sector is huge and growing fast. Here are some outstanding discoveries made on this field in the past decade.


Honda tried to invent an interactive walking robot since 1986. In 2000, it came up with Asimo robot. The robot is four foot, three inches tall and has an advanced technology. Its hip joints allowed it to walk and climb the stairs comfortably. It can also navigate surfaces that are uneven, grasp objects, avoid obstacles, recognize faces, and more.


It is a shoebox-sized robot that can be controlled with a remote. It was manufactured by iRobot in 2001. It is used to respond to disasters. It was used in the September 11 attacks. At that time the buildings were too enclosed and it was difficult for people to get inside. So, this robot was used to find out the condition of the damaged buildings and take images. It also helped in searching for survivors through the rubble.


It is a domestic robot made by iRobot. This cordless robot weighted seven pounds only. You can get this for only $200 and it can help you in your domestic works like vacuuming your room. This robot became very popular and about more 8 millions of them are sold so far.

We can expect more advancement in the robot technology in future. Many works that we do now will be replaced by the robots. Companies will become more productive and our lives will be easier with the help of these robots.

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