Workshop – $50

There are workshops on various fields of science. You will be able to learn new skills by joining the workshop. You will learn how to do research independently. You will learn how to present scientific research projects. The workshops for 2 hours and it will cost $50 for each workshop. There are several workshops available from where you can choose.

3D documentaries – $30

You will get to see 3D documentaries. These include ‘Traveling in space’, ‘Going on a safari’, ‘Exploring underwater world’, etc. These documentaries are very informative and astonishing. The ticket price for the 3D documentary is $30.

Virtual reality experience – $40

You will experience virtual reality in this event. It’s an amazing experience and you should try it out. This is something you have never experienced before.

Meet the robot – $20

You will get to meet a real robot and interact with it. This is a very exciting part of the event and you will be amazed to see how advanced the robotic research has become.

Besides these, you can participate in science quizzes and conferences for free. This event will give you the opportunity to meet new people, learn more about science and form networks.

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