5 ways you can support your child’s science learning

Children should be encouraged to learn about science at a very young age. Parents need to support their learning so that their interest grows. Here are some ways to influence your childn’s science learning.

 1. Hear your child’s questions carefully

Whenever your child asks a question, you should listen carefully you should respond in a way that inspires her scientific thinking. You should enjoy discussing such questions and always encourage your child to share their thoughts with you.

 2. Find out the answers together

It’s not possible to know all the answers to your child’s questions regarding science. If you don’t know the answer then find out together. This will stimulate the thoughts of your child and he or she might ask you more questions. This will enhance the learning experience.

 3. Give time and space to explore

Trial and error is the best way to learn science. You should give your child time to experiment and try different things. Don’t say the correct answer right away. Let them explore and find it out themselves.

4.  Encourage children to record their observation

You should encourage your child to record observation by writing, drawing or taking pictures. These way children will be able to keep track of what they see and hear. They can ask questions later on.

5. Use your electronic devices

There are many interesting apps available now that will help your child to learn. For example, you will find stunning pictures of animals along with the sounds they make. These are very effective learning tools.

Use these suggestions and make your child curious about science. Curiosity will lead to proper learning and open your child’s mind to new research areas.

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